Volunteer at Fairgate Farm
Our thriving, active and socially responsible farm is the heart of the Vita Health & Wellness District, in the West Side neighborhood of Stamford, Conn.

Our goal is to reduce health disparities and increase self-reliance in our community. We supply healthy, safe, locally grown food to our residents and local nonprofits. As an educational urban farm, we also provide nutrition and training outreach programs to disadvantaged youth and adults.

We welcome all volunteers! There is much involved in operating an organic urban farm, so the opportunities for hands-on learning are endless. As a communal farm, everyone reaps the rewards. Production goes directly back to the community. Volunteers grow, harvest, and enjoy fresh organic produce in their own homes. What’s left is shared via regular deliveries to nonprofit organizations focused on hunger relief: New Covenant House, Soup Kitchens, Men and Women Shelters for the Homeless, and Scofield Manor Nursing Home.

We offer a busy event calendar of free, open-to-all, culturally appropriate healthy cooking demonstrations and tastings, hands-on planting and harvesting, and interactive nutrition lessons.

The growing attraction of Fairgate Farm as an agricultural learning health center is changing the conversation about access to and incorporation of fresh vegetables into healthy diets. Through exposure and education, the community’s awareness and acceptance of organically grown vegetables as nutritious, flavorful, and culturally relevant, promotes individuals choosing fresh quality produce when affordable and easily available.