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Fairgate Farm featured in Viewpoints publication

Our Garbage Can – And So Can Yours!

Good soil is teaming with life, and the more you work with this life, the more they work with you. Less than one 8-ounce cup of healthy soil has more microbes than there are humans…
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Wings Unlimited visits Fairgate Farm

Wings Unlimited Visits Fairgate Farm

The founder of Darien-based Wings Unlimited and her team celebrated their company’s 30th anniversary this year by getting down and dirty at Fairgate Farm. Darien News captured the visit: Local company gives “wings” to Stamford farm – July 30, 2016
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Fairgate Farm - What Eating Farm-to-Table Actually Looks Like

What Eating Farm-to-Table Looks Like

Research about produce and nutritional value has led people to begin recognizing the importance of buying locally-sourced foods and, as a result, the farm-to-table movement was born. This Spoon University takes a closer peek at What Eating…
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From Guard Towers to Gardens

The scope of Stamford’s efforts has made it a national model in the era of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which requires non-profit hospitals to play a role in preventing disease, “something hospitals really haven’t…
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