Community Building

Through technological advances we now can connect with each other globally more than ever before. Yet, so many of us have never felt more alone and disconnected from other humans, even in our own neighborhoods. We now know that health is much more than eating enough daily servings of fruits and vegetables, or spending adequate time at the gym. True health and wellness are comprised of myriad factors including having a safe place to live, a fulfilling job, and sense of purpose and belonging, along with proper nutrition and exercise.

Beyond growing food, Fairgate Farm grows community. Whether working at the Farm as a volunteer, attending a farm workshop, or doing your weekly shopping at our Farm Market, you are taking part in something bigger than any one person. You may make a friend, brighten someone’s day by showing you care, or indirectly feed a neighbor in need who you don’t even know. Fairgate Farm is a hub of human connection. Regardless of whether you are on the giving or receiving end, know that we’re all in this together.

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