From the inception of Fairgate Farm, those people willing to get their hands dirty tending the crops have emerged as the “heart” of the Farm. Volunteers are vital to the success of Fairgate Farm and are central to the fulfillment of its mission. Each year we are grateful to host hundreds of individuals and proudly work with many local non-profit groups, schools, small businesses, and corporations, all of whom contribute thousands of hours supporting that mission.

There are many different reasons one may decide to volunteer at Fairgate Farm. Some of those who aren’t food insecure still welcome the opportunity to partake in the planting, growing, and harvesting of crops and by taking home their fair share of the bounty. Many want to give back to their community, and volunteering at the Farm represents their way to help feed a neighbor in need. Yet, others may be looking to reconnect with nature, make a friend, or strengthen connections with their community. In our modern world of fast food, virtual reality, and social media, Fairgate Farm offers people real food, contact with nature, and the potential for true human connection.

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Fairgate Farm Strawberry Festival June 10, 2017
Volunteering at Fairgate Farm