Get Involved

When it’s said that Fairgate Farm is “volunteer powered”, we mean that our volunteers are essential to the Farm and are integral to its mission. Each year, thousands of volunteer hours are logged by individuals, corporations, schools and community groups. Farm volunteers engage in all types of important activities. As the season begins, we are coaxing planting beds back to life with no-till soil management practices, spreading beneficial compost, and gently planting seedlings grown in our greenhouse. As the season progresses, we are planting, nurturing and harvesting produce that is shared with our volunteers and greater Stamford community. And if digging in the dirt isn’t your thing, we are always looking for musicians to play at our festivals and farm market, artists to lend their talents throughout the farm, and professionals to use their skills guest teaching cooking, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and other health-focused classes. There are countless ways that you can make a difference!

The dedication and generosity of our volunteers allows the Farm to exist, which in turn makes it possible to educate and feed our community. We look forward to having you join us!

Fairgate Farm Strawberry Festival June 10, 2017