These days, with changing weather patterns and more frequent extreme weather events, it is an increasing challenge to ignore climate change. In conjunction with rising global temperatures and natural disasters, we are constantly exposed to polluted air, water, and food caused by human industrial and agricultural practices. Most of the waste generated escapes available recycling and composting programs, instead being buried in a landfill or burned in incinerators due to lack of knowledge and infrastructure. Whereas roughly a third of our garbage is comprised of organic matter which can be easily composted and reintroduced into our food supply system.

If we all do our part, we can still turn things around. For nearly a decade now, Fairgate Farm has been a hub for community composting, accepting food scraps and other organic waste from residents and businesses where it is turned into rich compost. This powerful, living matter is then applied to our soil to grow more food, in turn closing the local food loop. Each year, approximately 20,000 pounds of organic material is diverted from Stamford’s conventional waste stream via the Farm’s compost initiative, in turn, allowing us to build healthy soil to grow thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables for the Stamford community.

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