Food Access

From the very first harvest at Fairgate Farm in 2011 to the present, the Farm’s bounty has been shared with its volunteers and donated to local hunger relief organizations. The Fairgate Farm Market grew out of the need to make local, nutritious produce accessible to more of the community, especially for those who could not obtain food through volunteering due to physical or time constraints. Many others, roughly 10% of the Stamford community being food insecure, do not have the financial means, nor transportation ability to obtain fresh produce from grocery stores or other farmers markets in Stamford.

The Fairgate Farm Market operates directly in the heart of the West Side neighborhood, selling fruits and vegetables grown right at Fairgate Farm, as well as sourcing additional produce from other local Connecticut farm partners to offer a wide variety of seasonal crops. The market operates in a charitable Pay What You Can model, helping remove the financial barrier for those in need to obtain healthy food. Since its inception, well over 30,000 pounds of fresh produce have been distributed through the Fairgate Farm Market helping hundreds of individuals and families become closer to reaching food security.

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Fairgate Farm Farmers Market