Community Impact: Volunteering

ISSUE:  Focused mostly on “making ends meet,” West Side residents often cannot find time for physical activity and exercise. In fact, almost half of the low-income respondents to a Lower Fairfield County Community Health Survey reported not having gotten any physical activity in the past seven days. Additionally, much of the population is disconnected from fellow members of the community and from normal outdoor activity.

WHAT HAS BEEN DONE: Each year Fairgate Farm hosts hundreds of individuals and works with many local non-profit groups, schools, small businesses, and corporations, all of whom contribute thousands of hours in support of the Farm’s mission. These individuals spend time outdoors and get physical exercise helping to plant, grow, and harvest the crops, which are then shared among volunteers and distributed throughout the community.  Some volunteers, including artists, musicians, chefs, carpenters, and health professionals, lend their skills in their own respective ways.


  1. Healthy physical activity
  2. Stress reduction and heightened sense of well-being
  3. Improved connections with the community
  4. Improved access to nutritious food
  5. Stronger connection to nature
Fairgate Farm Strawberry Festival June 10, 2017
Volunteering at Fairgate Farm