Meet the Fairgate Farm Staff

Pete Novajosky is our friendly Farm Manager who brings a wealth of experience in agriculture along with a devotion to promoting healthy lifestyles to the Stamford community.

A Fairfield County native, since childhood, Pete has been drawn to gardening and in 2007 he began his professional career in agriculture at Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens in Easton, Connecticut.  He was soon managing a large organic greenhouse operation growing hundreds of varieties of herbs, vegetables, and microgreens.  Prior to joining Fairgate Farm, Pete spent three years at Green Up in Stamford where he designed living walls, organic gardens and hydroponic systems, as well as constructing and repairing greenhouses and consulting with clients in Fairfield County and the greater New York Metropolitan area.  He has been the Farm Manager of Fairgate Farm since 2017.

Along with his passion for farming, Pete is also a health and wellness enthusiast, spending more than a decade soaking up any knowledge he can regarding health, nutrition, cooking, and fitness.  Farmer Pete is a firm believer in “food as medicine” and works to integrate all aspects of health and well-being into Fairgate Farm’s mission.

Meet Peter