Be part of our compost initiative and bring your food scraps to Fairgate Farm!

Thanks to the Healthy Communities Initiatives grant through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Fairgate Farm kicked off its composting program in the fall of 2016. Since that time, we have worked with individuals and community partners to accept food waste, and each year we divert approximately 20,000 pounds of compostable material from landfills.

Our composting initiative accepts drop-offs all year round, and it’s easy too! Just follow the Do’s and Don’ts of composting listed at right. Please NO stickers, rubber bands, plastic containers or plastic bags. We do accept materials loose, in brown paper bags or compostable bags.

All materials can be dropped directly into the large black cart directly to the left of the main gate. If the gate is closed, feel free to deposit your materials over (or through) the fence into the cart, and we will take it from there.

Composting - Your trash can help save the planet