Let’s not waste our food twice!

Did you know that food waste is one of the leading causes of climate change? More than a quarter of U.S. garbage is composed of organic material that could be composted, but instead is either burned in incinerators or buried in landfills which generates greenhouse gasses such as methane & carbon dioxide. Methane gas is much more potent than carbon dioxide, trapping 80 times as much heat over a 20-year period. BUT!  By composting we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon in our soil, and grow MORE nutritious produce with that recycled food waste.

With the thanks of local individuals and community partners, each year we divert approximately 20,000 pounds of compostable material from landfills.

Our composting initiative accepts drop-offs all year round, and it’s easy too! Just follow the Do’s and Don’ts of composting listed at right. Please NO stickers, NO rubber bands, NO plastic containers, and NO plastic bags. We do accept materials loose, in brown paper bags or compostable bags.

All compostable materials can be dropped directly through the fence near the Farm’s main gate at our Compost Drop Off Station. The drop-off chutes are open 24/7.

Fairgate Farm Composting Drop Off