Fairgate Farm Awarded $25,000 Grant by the EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Stamford’s Fairgate Farm a $25,000 “Heaps for Health” Community Composting grant to continue and build upon the farm’s food waste diversion program. The EPA funds will enable the organic Fairgate Farm to increase organic material recovery rates and demonstrate the impact of composting on the health of the community while being environmentally responsible.

According to Vin Tufo, chief executive officer of Charter Oak Communities, “This grant allows us to step up our educational outreach focused on food waste diversion while encouraging patrons to participate in composting drop-off.”

Healthy composting is key to the Farm’s ability to promote the community and environmental health of the West Side while improving food security. This initiative connects urban residents to the agricultural origins of their food. It promotes the linkages between different sectors of the food system while stressing the importance of environmentally sustainable food production and land use practices. The project produces the essential fertilizer that supports the harvest of organic food at the farm that is distributed to volunteers and food assistance groups at no cost.

Compost your Pumpkins at Fairgate Farm