Fairgate Farm is not only an active organic farm, but also a place to build social ties. At Fairgate Farm you can share skills and experiences, learn about our environment and you just might improve your physical and mental well-being.

Throughout the growing season, Farm Manager Pete Novajosky and a variety of guest educators come to share their unique knowledge with the community.  The Farm’s classes are held under Anthony’s Arbor, our grapevine-shaded outdoor classroom. Classes begin in early March and continue throughout the spring and summer. Although topics vary from year to year, you will find Pete hosting introductory gardening and container gardening classes, revealing the “mysteries” of composting, discussing techniques of organic gardening or the basics of beekeeping and how to help save our bees. As the Farm reaches the height of the growing season, we host guest chefs for our Farm-to-Table Thursdays. Each week we learn to make a simple meal from the produce that is grown right on the Farm.