Stamford Garden Grows Community Ties

Fairgate Farm — founded in 2011 as a partnership between the city’s housing authority, Stamford Hospital and the Boys & Girls Club — has more changes afoot than just the growing season. Farm coordinator Maxon Keating is serving his last day at Fairgate on Friday.

Several core volunteers help usher Fairgate Farm into the growing season. During his time at Fairgate, Keating trained a team of volunteers who will continue the work with his replacement, Pete Novajosky. But the farm could always use more hands in the soil.

Farming in an urban setting often means introducing people of different backgrounds to working with the Earth, Keating said.
“People around here may be less exposed to nature and think the soil is dirty, but you’re actually helping your immune system just by putting your hands in the soil,” Keating said. “That’s what the farm is there for — to have a fun, tasty, fulfilling experience.”

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