2020, The Year in Review

Early jump on field preparation with the mild winter.
Seedlings growing to be used at the farm and many given away to our community!
A fresh batch of sea kelp from SoundWaters being added to our compost.
Tulips are a sure sign of spring!
Food supplies funded by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation to directly provide relief to families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Basic pantry staples being divided for families in addition to fresh produce.
Our volunteers help in so many ways, here prepping our lettuce mix.
Nothing stopped our volunteers from coming out to help this spring. We are grateful for their service!
Lettuce is one of the first crops harvested in the spring.
Launching the Fairgate Farm Market with online ordering and curbside pickup.
The beauty of Fairgate Farm is open to everyone in the community!
Proud to be part of the Pollinator Pathway, and this bee is enjoying it as well on this purple coneflower!
Construction of a new year-round greenhouse begins thanks to the Connecticut Farm Viability grant award.
The pattypan squash is a variety of summer squash notable for its small round size and scalloped edges resembling a flying saucer.
Small groups of socially-distanced volunteers continued carrying out Fairgate Farm’s mission.
Cherry tomatoes being harvested by one of our many youth volunteers this summer.
Heidi, Pete and Phil ready to assist customers at the Fairgate Farm Market.
Heirloom tomatoes, always a favorite!
Bees hard at work gathering nectar and pollen, and guarding their hive!
Beautiful zucchini harvested fresh that morning.
A dedicated volunteer helping with set up on market day.
A rainbow of colors to choose from!
Late season kale picking on a beautiful fall afternoon.
Our first batch of raw honey, right from our very own hives!
Our newly constructed greenhouse, ready just in time to keep everyone dry on the last market day of the 2020 summer season!
We’ll never forget the Fairgate Farm 2020 season! Thank you all for your support!